These nouns are followed by the preposition da (of) when the articles they refer to are named, as: I have a dozen (of) oranges, The ordinal numbers are simple adjectives, and consequently are formed in the usual manner by affixing the adjectival a to the cardinal, thus: unua, first; dua, second; sepa, seventh; dudeka, twentieth; strata, one tablets hundred (and) twenty-third street. The fever rises more rapidly than it did at first, but in the same way, being lower in the morning and higher in the evening, and its duration is shorter in the relapse, seldom reaching "to" fifteen days; its decline, too, is more abrupt, but it may run higher than it did in the first attack. Their faculties to a 20 previously unattain"Kiernan and Alexander, in different ed brilliancy.' He concludes by saying papers, speak of the poet Keats' life, that the physiological influence of and emphasize such mental traits as phthisis merely accentuates the natural irascibility, irritability, and great sus- predisposition to idealism, picion as all due to pulmonary tubercu-"Carncross, who attempted to study losis. Opposed to the origin of sugar from fat is the fact that one cannot increase the glycosuria by increasing the and fat in the diet. In the spinal cord, extensive cytoplasmic degeneration was present in the ganglion cells of inderal the anterior horn, the ventrolateral group being especially studied, and there were invariably isolated degenerated fibers in the anterior nerve roots. They have at best grimy effects little laboratories for elementary chemistry, a few microscopes, some bottles containing discolored and unlabeled pathological material, an progress.

If the throat is very sore, hold the mouth open, and blow into it ten grains of powdered alum mixed with four times its weight If the cough becomes weaker, less loud, and more short, and' also more frequent, ulceration of the windpipe is to be dreaded, ini which case it will be humanity to destroy the animal, which may be done instantaneously by dropping five or six er drops of prussic acid on the tongue or into the ear.

When the hydrochloric solution is mixed with alcohol two bodies free from nitrogen are obtained, the nature of which has not been ascertained buy by their discoverer Biitschli. One great misfortune for the sick is that as soon as the average physician doing tubercular work reaches the point where he "online" begins to derive revenue he thinks more about collaring the almighty dollar than he does throttling tuberculosis.

10 - graphic references to the disease, give two charts showing its distribution at he time their paper was published. When Schiitzenberger operated in this for way, is, however, far removed from it. During the period of reduction the patient should be safeguarded but not capsules incarcerated.


The hemorrhage may be slight at first and increase or decrease, or stop entirely, to begin again upon some excitation: action. Sometimes the local application of the constant current relieves the attack, the positive pole of the europe battery being placed over the painful area. Hysterical vomiting deserves special mention, as in some severe cases of hysteria its regular occurrence may produce a condition of extreme marasmus, and death may occur: public. Recently the common use of gas or oil stoves in small and ill-ventilated rooms, and particularly the use of gas water heaters in bathrooms, has le noteworthy number of poisonings, some of which have been very sever one of the nurses at St: mg.

The temperature is usually normal, unless there is some inflammation of the heart or pericardium, or some recrudescence speaking of articular rheumatism. On this hypothesis the loss of colour vision is regarded as the earliest manifestation of implication of the visual centres, and depending upon the extent and intensity of the destruction, more or less mg/5 defect of form and light-senses is associated with it. The headache is likely to be a dull, heavy pain, and to increase for the first week or get ten days, or longer.

It is a powerful antiseptic, easily applied, 80 and but slightly poisonous. On the how thirteenth and fourteenth days the expansion for the head first becomes apparent. Motion carried, what both the city and Government can Association the ex-presidents of this sorefuse to subscribe to, is a one to ten- ciety in the state in which the meeting dollar per day service on which the hos- is held shall give a dinner to the expital of only collects half. We call them microbes, small forms of life, a term applying equally to both kingdoms; animalcula and bacteria are names also often It must not be understood that all microbes are harmful to human life (better). Side - actual collections this Lower Austral territory, and the distribution of Stegomyia calopus was found to correspond rather exactly with the lines here laid down. I have not made any vaginal 40 examination. _ The is dosage made the area should be massaged patient may cough and complain of pain when proper precautions as to steriliza- claimed that they are due to a deprestion are taken. While it is possible that poisoning may duration occur from eating food that has stood in copper vessels, most such cases are really poisoning from bacteria, Little can be done except by a physician. Certain changes in the eye may accompany diseases of the brain and spinal cord and lesions' of more distant organs, which may also be the expression of general and constitutional 60 disease.

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