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Please contact either the State Medical Society of Four points of advice will aid every physician in he standards set up by the form Department of Industry, Labor, and Human Relations. Maybe physicians cannot support all positions and policies of the HMA at this time, but there IS SOME COMMON GROUND OF AGREEMENT that must be built upon, and it is on this common ground that we xvould like to see physicians join with us, be involved xvith us, participate xvith us, to see if that generic common ground of agree iiKMit can glow wider and wider! I IMA staff is now investigating meelianisins to recruit from tlie ranksof the fionsestaf f and medicaf students. Ill had been ill for several months with a severe heart ailment (for). Mashruwala began his practice in to Hilo in compassion and sensitivity for his patients.

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Ad Hoc Committee on Child Health: lab Dr.

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