"If you are struggling with adversity, read this story, smile, and bounce back!" S. Thorpe U.K

No matter how carefully we plan or how closely we stick to the rules, eventually life will throw us a challenge that can stop us dead in our tracks...When it does, how do we bounce-back?

A gripping, inspirational story with 7 simple principles to help you bounce-back stronger.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Despite our best laid plans and all that, life has this annoying habit of suddenly throwing us a curve ball or two that can stop us dead in our tracks.

When it does, all too often we can feel like we have been dealt a bad hand – each step of our lives can prove more of a trial than the last – as if it is God’s will. Despite that, it is how we deal with adversity and change that ultimately defines the people that we become; after all, it is our desire to succeed.

In his new book “A Passage to India”, Vinay Parmar describes some of the most challenging moments of his life. The death of his mother on his wedding day; the torment he and his wife endured while awaiting the birth of their twins; the challenge of being his true self, each story as unnerving and heartbreaking as the last. Vinay takes us on a roller coaster ride from his darkest moments to his brightest, as he shares his unique insights and principles of bouncebackability gathered through his remarkable journey. A Passage to India is more than a story of overcoming tragedy – it is a story of hope and possibility, inspired by an extraordinary act of unconditional love.

Vinay’s story has been covered in the UK National Press, on BBC Radio and on ITV’s “This Morning Show”.


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“an inspiring story that demonstrates how we can “bounce back” from even the most awful circumstances. Whilst most of us in life experience loss, setbacks and major challenges, the uniqueness of Vinay’s story challenges your view of your own difficulties. Brilliant”
Paul Harris, United Kingdom
“A beautiful, personal story, it’s inspirational and it gives hope, and it’s very well-written – it flows and grips you from the start. I pretty much didn’t put it down until I had finished it. Read it and be inspired – I was. A great, great read.”
Elisabet V Hearn, Sweden


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“I started reading the book and couldn’t put it down. It was a great personal perspective of character growth and tackling everyday scenarios in culture, society, business and life itself. A great true story of being knocked down but more importantly “bouncing back” again.”
Chaten Parmar, Conceptstore.co.uk
“It is truly fascinating. Yes, he speaks motivationally – but in a personal way. He shows what he has done to not only survive time after time but to ultimately thrive. If life knocks you down, ok. If you stay down, that’s your choice. Vinay found his way to stand up again, and I celebrate that.”
Fergus McClelland, Vocal Trademark, UK
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“A wonderful true story of loss, love, sacrifice and courage, told from the heart in an original voice.”
Tom Harris, United Kingdom